Sunday, January 24, 2010


Iva Mae, Leon, Renee
Children of Asa & Agusta Reynolds
Irel, Wesley, Ruth, Ted, William, Paul, Elenora, Clara, Asa, Sarah, Elisbeth (Betty), Carol

Brothers & Sons of Asa Fletcher Reynolds
Paul, Asa II, Asa I, Wesley, Ted, William (Bill)

Back Row: Wesley, Violet Reynolds, Nydia, Kenneth, Marleen (lap)
Middle Row: Dael, Diane, David (shadow)
Front Row: Russell, Renee, Newell (lap), Grant, Iva Mae

Asa & Agusta Reynolds
Golden Wedding Anniversary

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  1. Good job, Sarah. I had no idea you'd done all this work! Mom
    Sure looks like Nick on the 2nd to last picture.